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Want to Free Up Your Time and Make More Money Doing Less? It’s Time to Finally Hire Your Dream Team!

Listen, I get it. Outsourcing can feel like a very big deal. It’s like handing over the keys to your home (with all your valuables, family heirlooms and quirky, mug collection) to an (almost) stranger.

But the truth is, it IS possible to build and manage an incredible team of talented, trustworthy professionals with confidence, so you can make more money doing more of what you love (and way less of what you don’t).

Just imagine…

  • Finally saying NO to those low-level tasks you hate and passing them off to someone else–who actually LIKES to do them!
  • Having more time, energy and stamina to serve your clients because you’re serving from a full cup
  • Working less hours on more meaningful projects–like you know, writing that ebook you wanna write, creating that new group program or whatever else you’ve been putting off because there was “just not enough time”
  • Knowing you have reliable people in your corner to lean on so you can do more dreaming, scheming and scaling
  • Making as much money as you want–without burning out or putting more hours
  • Or simply enjoying your days–and the day-to-day running of your business–again!

It’s all possible when you have a team. And the program will show you how to build the perfect one from the ground up.

  • Module 1: How to Figure out The Kind of Support You Really Need

    Learning Objective: Pinpoint the best place for you to start building your dream team Sooner or later, you are going to think about outsourcing some or all of your business. The best time to think about this is when you first plan your business. If you’ve already been in business for a few years, and you haven’t already given this consideration—stop. Think about it now. Outsourcing your business tasks and responsibilities at the right time can, if done right, mean making more money than ever before—and certainly more than you will be paying your contractors. It means growing your business to the size you want. It means making as much money as you want to make. And it means more time for you to operate in your zone of genius: The place where you feel you are living your dream life, helping people in the way you live to help them. But how do you get to this stage, and how do you know precisely where your zone of genius lies?

  • Module 2: Build a Team-Ready Foundation

    Learning Objective: How to attract the right team members for your business Before you start using contractors, there are five things you must put in place in order to ensure that (a) your team works in harmony and (b) you don’t lose money. You need: Standardized policies and procedures A consistent communication system A project management system Contracts and guidelines, Payment arrangements assigned and ready to go Let’s go through these, one at a time.

  • Module 3: Where and How to Find Your Top Talent

    Learning Objective: Finding the best and most reliable contractors There are many wonderful, skilled contractors out there in the online world … and there are many truly awful ones. The key is not to find the best contractors, but to find reliable ones who have the right skills and attitude to mesh well with your business. For example, you are not going to hire a top personal assistant who sets up television shows with major networks and plans conferences if you are just starting out and need someone to help you set up your webinar platform. Not only could you not afford this particular top personal assistant, she would let you know in no uncertain terms that you are unrealistic in approaching her. (Many top people in their fields tend to be blunt: They are worth too much per hour for anything less than direct communication.) We’re going to take a look at the best places to find your ideal contractor.

  • Module 4: Train & Manage Like a BOSS!

    Learning Objective: Grow your relationship with your team members in a natural way You have hired and tried out a few contractors, decided who is really working out, and you’re ready to make a more regular commitment to your chosen, potential team members. Now comes the really vital part of team building: Making them FEEL like part of a team, so they will work on your projects with the same enthusiasm you do. To do this, concentrate on building a culture of communication and trust.


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